Personal Resume 


I am currently a senior (12th grade) student at the Alameda Community Learning Center. I maintain excellent grades in all of my classes (3.875 last semester) and also participate in many extracurricular activities, such as the Alameda Food Bank, and many other community oriented events at my school. I am also approved by the faculty of Alameda Community Learning Center as a monitor to supervise younger students in the outdoors area of our school. 


Food Bank Volunteer, Alameda county Community Food Bank; Alameda, California — 2005-present

I volunteered at the Alameda Food Bank on the first Saturday of every month, helping distribute food to the needy as well as do other jobs around the facility.  

Community Volunteer, Alameda Community Learning Center; Alameda, California — 2005-present

During my years as a student at the Alameda Community learning center, I have voluntarily helped out at many different community events ranging from dances, potlucks and new student orientations. 

Camp Counselor (Hannah Camp), Alameda Community :earning Center; Alameda, California — 2010

Every year, our school hosts a 1.5 day camping trip for new learners to bond and feel more a part of the community. I volunteered as a counselor during last year’s camp, helping lead learners in team-building games and activities.

Beach Cleaner, Alameda Parks and Recreation; Alameda, California — 2005-2009

Each year, I attended the annual Alameda Coastal Cleanup, in which citizens volunteer to help pick up trash and other waste that is polluting and destroying the ecosystem of the local beach. 


Actor, Alameda Community Learning Center; Alameda, California - 2010

Acted in “Check Please!”, a play put on by students at the Alameda Community Learning Center. A lot of fun and helped me practice public speaking in front of a large audience. 

Dark Meat Ultimate Frisbee Player, Alameda Community Learning Center; Alameda, California - 2006-2009

Played on school’s Ultimate Frisbee team and spent many hours training for team events as well as helping raise money for the team through fundraising. Also taught me to be flexible, as our team would play no matter what the weather was, rain or shine. 


In my work, I strive for the tenacity of success. I make sure to do my absolute best to ensure the success of the team when working on a group project and am always there to pick up the slack when not everyone pitches in the same amount of effort. I also try to challenge myself in my work, and make sure to do my absolute best; going beyond that if possible.

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