Personal Vision

My twenty year plan isn’t very complicated, and is most likely similar to the goals of most high school seniors for the next twenty years of their lives. My plan involves a lot of hard work, so I made it a goal this year to work my hardest and crank out my best work possible, to get myself in academic shape for the transition to a university in the fall.  After high school, I plan to attend a four year college studying advertising. If it turns out that advertising is not what I expect it to be and I don't end up liking it, I plan on switching to journalism as my backup. During my time in college, I plan to work my hardest and not eat up my time with distractions such as partying and socializing. I will use my time wisely; getting to know my professors well, so they are able to work better with me; and also finding other like-minded people to myself and make connections that will be beneficial after college once I get started on my climb of the corporate ladder. 

After attending four year college (and hopefully completing all my requirements within 4 years), I plan to go to graduate school and get my master’s degree in advertising. This way, when I get out of college and go to find a job and pursue my career, it will look much better on my resume to have a master’s degree, even if the job has nothing to do with my major since it will show that I can work hard and that I am determined. The master's degree should take about six years (including undergraduate work) which is a pretty long time to be in school, because of how rigorous it will be. Because of this, after I achieve my master's degree, I plan to take a year off and work or sign up for Americorps, since I want to be doing something beneficial/educational during my time off when I am not attending school. When my year off is over, I will then decide whether to get a  doctorate degree by going to graduate school. This would greatly benefit me in the long run if I am able to push myself to stay in school for another 4-6 years, since it will look amazing on my resume and allow me to get a higher paying job and climb the corporate ladder that much quicker.

Once I am done with school, I plan to find a job and pursue a career in whatever area I plan on studying. My dream is to climb the corporate ladder and have a high position in an advertising firm in a big city. I'd like to create new inventive ways of advertising that are entertaining and intriguing to the consumer, instead of being manipulative and Machiavellian like most advertising seems to be nowadays. I'm interested in the technique of guerilla advertising and marketing, which is a type of advertising that relies more on the imagination and creative efforts of the advertiser than the marketing budgets; it is a pretty recent development in the advertising world that uses a different more innovative approach to the ordinary advertisement. I'm aware of what risks and obstacles that lie on the path to this goal, but I am willing to tackle these in order to reach my goals. 

I hope to end up living in a nice house in a good neighborhood and end up retiring early; living easy and having my children take care of me as I get old and senile. I hope to spend my years of retirement traveling to distant lands and learning new things about different cultures and people. I plan on being a life-long learner, continuing to learn things as I grow old. I've heard that continually learning things helps prevent senility or Alzheimer's from setting in, so I will do whatever I can to prevent or slow that process from happening.