Final Report

Looking back on it, my internship went really well and i'm glad i did it. Although it was challenging at times, it was still very interesting and doable. There were many obstacles I had to face along the way, but they all proved to be manageable in the end. Some of it was more exciting than others, but the tedious moments gave me a taste of what the working life will probably be like at times. My internship at the Sun was divided into two different kinds of work; the first being doing work around the office to help out the staff, and the second being actually reporting on local events and occurrences in the news. 

The first part of my internship was pretty straightforward. Each day I would come in and an editor would give me a job around the office. Sometimes it would be simple, such as labeling and sealing packages of newspapers, but other times it would prove more difficult, such as archiving old issues of the Sun and managing these archives. 

However, the more interesting and thought evoking portion of my internship was when I was given the opportunity to go out into the field and actually get to report on happenings around town. At first this seemed like a daunting task. I had never really written an article for an actual newspaper before, and was unsure about their expectations of me as a reporter. My previous experience only involved writing articles for our school paper in my 11th grade Journalism class. Fortunately, they enjoyed my work and I was able to write a few articles during my work there. 

Overall, my internship went smoothly and was much more fun than I had expected going into it. I enjoyed working with the friendly staff at the Alameda Sun and learned a lot about the newspaper business and how it works behind the scenes. It was also very rewarding to work hard on an article and get to see it on newsstands and doorsteps citywide. It was challenging at times, but the hard work payed off, and none of the obstacles were impossible to overcome. During my internship I learned the importance of punctuality and efficiency in the workplace, because without these skills it would be impossible for a newspaper to run smoothly . I am very proud of myself for working so hard and getting the most out of my hours spent there as possible.